In less than a second you are judged by your appearance!


Chances are high that a person will research you by doing a Google search before they meet you for business or for a job interview. The first thing they will see is your picture. That is their first impression of you, good or bad! Don’t let that scare you! There are 4 mistakes that you can avoid.


Mistake #1.  You or your friend took your photograph. Is your picture in focus? Does the picture show you in your best light? Do you look professional? Do the colors and environment fit your brand?


Mistake # 2.  You don’t have a headshot. Is that your real name? Are you for real? Is that what you do? Do you really want people asking these questions about you?


Mistake #3.  Your headshot is inappropriate. Are you a professional? Are you wearing a shirt? What do you really do? Why is that dog in the picture? Whose hand is that on your shoulder?


Mistake # 4.  Your headshot is outdated. Is that your current hairstyle? Are you 30 pounds heavier? Are you still 25? Is your business up to date?


These are questions that you don’t want people thinking when they see your headshot. Give people a reason to want to know, like, trust, and do business with you. Show viewers a professional headshot that expresses your personality and all of your awesomeness! You can look amazing if you hire the right photographer to capture your brand! 


REMEMBER: Like it or not, you are judged in seconds! Your first impression is a lasting impression, make it a positive one!


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Maggie Mongan(non-registered)
This is a great checklist for all Business Owners! I've lost 40 pounds and have short hair now. Time to make an appt for a new headshot! Hope you can squeeze me in :)
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