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All this buzz about Personal Branding can be confusing.

Check out my blogs “What is Personal Branding Anyway” &

“The Benefits of Creating Your Personal Brand”

for an introduction to Personal Branding.


Elements that make up your Personal Brand.

Brand Voice

  1. Vision/Beliefs/Philosophy
  2. Personality/what makes you different 
  3. Product/how does your product solve problems differently?
  4. Your Story- telling your audience who you are and why you do what you do
  5. Clear Brand Voice

Brand Look

  1. Color choices
  2. Design
  3. Logo
  4. Typography
  5. Photography & Video

Know, Like and Trust

  1. Credibility
  2. Visibility

These Elements combined work together to make your Brand Unique. Your ideal customers will find what you do interesting if it you Creatively Express and Infuse your Personality into everything you do. Your website, business card, social media, all your marketing materials, and you, yourself physically, should clearly and consistently speak your Personal Brand using the Elements above.I

In my next blogs I will go over each of these elements and how to apply them so they can work to attract your perfect customers and increase profitability too!


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Thank you Maggie! I'm happy I can help.
Maggie Mongan(non-registered)
Funny, I'm pondering new business cards and the topics you pointed out are all the things that have been swimming in my head! Now I have a list to work from to develop it quickly. Thanks for your wisdom and the list!
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