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Red is often used on caution and warning signs, like your bank account is in the red! It is powerful, active and exciting and sexy. It is the most noticeable colors and works well as an accent color. I use it in my blogs to attract attention.

Blue is ambitious, calming, cool, and trustful and beautiful in almost any shade.

Yellow is the brightest color and is fun, happy and sunny. It is full of energy. In it’s darker forms it is not as pleasant and almost dirty looking.


Green is natural and healthy, symbolizes prosperity and growth, and is relaxing and even healing. Green is used often for natural or safe products and service. Dark green is often associated with money or the military.

ORANGE is warm and tropical, fun and optimistic. It is also associated with sun and fire and is a playful color.

PURPLE is associated with royalty, it is magical and luxurious, creative and original.


Black can be dark or depressing, yet classy and elegant. Combined with colors it can help other colors stand out and add contrast.

White is pure, fresh, light and positive. It’s clean, peaceful, snowy. It works well for negative space in a design.


Captivate your audience with Brand colors that "WOW"

1. Choose colors that are appropriate and effective in re-enforcing your Brand feel and message. 

2. Start with a list of words that fit your Brand and see what words may work with the colors listed. Of course there are many shades of each color, so this is just a starting point.

3. When combining colors they should work in-sync together to create the “WOW” that you want your Brand to have to help Captivate your audience and make you Memorable.

4. Remember to use the colors consistently everywhere your Brand lives.


Click here for more information on WHY COLOR MATTERS for your Brand and Marketing.  

I recommend consulting with a graphic designer or web developer that specializes in color to help you choose the right colors for your business BRAND.


In my next blog I’ll talk about the use of color in your business headshot.

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