Make sure YOU Stand-Out within Your Brand Design!


You are your Brand, so don’t let your Brand colors and design take away from your professional business headshot, but rather that you compliment each other and Shine Brightly together in your marketplace, creating a Powerhouse of Attraction!


Your headshot should be used on all your social media pages, website, marketing materials and business card. Therefore your headshot should compliment your Brand color scheme and be expressive of your Brand just as much as every other Brand Element is!


It may not be appropriate or complimentary for you to wear your Brand colors. But it can work if the colors look good on you and integrate well with your personality.


Make yourself stand out in within your Brand Design by wearing one of your Brand Colors, a complimentary color, a neutral, or you could wear black or white. You could also use a black and white photograph of yourself instead of color, which could be a good contrast depending upon the rest of your Brand color scheme.


How the background of your professional business headshot integrates into your Brand colors needs to be considered as well. There are many colors to choose from and black, grey, or white backgrounds are options to keep in mind when choosing. Your business headshot may be taken in an environment that expresses you and your Brand colors should be taken into consideration there too!


Steps to a Captivating Branded Business Headshot using color:

  1. Take the time to look Amazing.
  2. Hire the right Branding Photographer.
  3. Choose colors that work with your Brand.
  4. Choose colors and look great on you too.
  5. Carefully choose your background or environment.

All of the above together will help you Attract your Target Market.

I advise you to seek help from an Art Director, Color Specialist, or Photograher, who specializes in Branding.


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Invest in your Brand – Stand-Out and be Memorable to your Target Market!

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Infusing Your Personality into Your Business Brand

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