Blogging with consistency on a regular schedule will keep traffic coming to your website and increase your website SEO. 


Choose to blog twice a week, once a week, every other week, once a month, or whatever works for you. But you must be consistent, people will expect your blog at a certain time each day, week, or month. Don’t let them down.


Consistency in Blogging helps build your community and increases Personal Brand Credibility.


Tips for blog consistency.

  1. Post at the same time of day, weekly or monthly. Example: Post every Wednesday at noon.
  2. Keep an overall visual brand consistency with all blogs. That means type style, color, layout style, and writing personality.
  3. Stick with one topic that is easy to digest and link to other blogs for more bits of information.
  4. Create a series of blogs with topics that correlate. This will keep you consistently writing and thinking about the next blog.
  5. Provide valuable information that people will expect from you.
  6. Use "Steps to Create Your Blog"  (link to blog #2)


Increase Personal Brand Credibility using YOUR Blog!



  • Follow these tips and you will Increase your Personal Brand Credibility! 
  • Continual Visibility = Continual Customers
  • When people begin to know, like and trust you, you will attract customers!


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