February is a great time to show your love and appreciation, not only for those you care about but for yourself as well. Share some love this Valentines Day with a $25 discount on a headshot for you so you can gift $25 off to someone you care about!

It takes 1/10th of a second to be judged by your looks alone.

That should scare you! Your headshot is your first impression online.

You don't want to turn someone off with a bad headshot and you don't have to! 

What do people see when they see your headshot? Hopefully, your picture sends a positive message that gives people a feeling of who you are and intrigues them enough to read your profile to find out more about you! But if your headshot turns them off, they may never look at your profile, they will just keep scrolling to find someone else who does what you do. That is a sad thing for you!


Don't turn people off with these headshot mistakes:

1. No picture sends the message you don't exist. 

2. A selfie won't be taken seriously.

3. A dark or dimly lit photograph says you're not professional.

4. A glamour shot can send the wrong message when used for business.

5. An outdated photograph sends the message that you may be outdated in business as well.


Turn people on with these tips:

1. Wear clothing that frames your face with a flattering neckline.

2. Wear colors that bring out your eyes.

3. Don't wear bulky sweaters because they add weight.

4. Keep it simple, your clothing and the background should not be the focal point, YOU should be the focal point.

5. Look friendly and approachable; that alone will help attract people to you.

A Great Headshot should:

1. Show that you are professional and that you care about how you present yourself.

2. Give a glimpse of your personality.

3. Exude confidence and approachability.

4. Look like you do today.

5. Intrigue people enough that they want to read your profile!



They may use an old outdated one, a selfie, or have no headshot at all. Maybe they have had a rough year, are going through a transition in life or their job, or they just haven't taken the time or put in the effort to get a great business headshot. Give yourself the gift of a new headshot and create a great First Impression on LinkedIn and Social Media. In the process of getting your updated headshot, you can share your appreciation with a friend, loved one, or business associate by gifting them a $25 discount.

I invite you and someone you care about to $25 off each. You both receive a full-service photo shoot that includes an enhanced picture file ready to upload to LinkedIn, your website, and all of your social media profiles. Both of you will also receive a print file to use for printed material and your business card.

Ready to show some Love this month? You can gift more than one person!


IF YOU'RE ALL IN GO TO THE CONTACT PAGE - http://www.stacykaat.com/contact-stacy

Fill out the contact form, schedule a quick chat with Stacy & mention "Referal Program." You will receive $25 off your headshot. Share with a friend or more and each of them will also get $25 off. Group rates are also available for small or larger businesses.

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