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“People don’t see their own beauty.”

 ~ Sarah Crowley


I couldn’t agree more with Sarah!  We are all beautiful people, but sometimes we need guidance to feel confident and comfortable in showing it!


Growing up as a latchkey child from a broken family left me with a lot of time alone. I spent that time perusing fashion magazines and watching a lot of Television. Magazine and advertising images shaped my idea of beauty and I spent countless hours trying to emulate what I had seen.


But, magazine images don’t represent who we really are and what we have to offer the world. As I aged, I realized that my Unique Personality was what made me beautiful and captivating. I rejected the perfect images that ruined my self-esteem and stole my precious time.


Yet, I knew in my heart that how we represent ourselves does matter. We are judged by what we look like - no matter how hard we try to resist. It's a function of our most primal self-preservation instincts as human beings. We can't stop others from judging us by our appearance, so we better be sure we project the conclusions we want others to make.


Your personality - who YOU are, YOUR beliefs and YOUR strengths, are what make YOU great!


Your First Impression is created by your headshot!  Infusing who you are into YOUR Headshot is what creates the Know, Like and Trust factors that make people want to know YOU!


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