Stacy Kaat Photography | Do I need Makeup for my Professional Business Portrait?

Do I need Makeup for my Professional Business Portrait?






Everything is accentuated by photography lights!  I mean everything!

You are investing in your Visual Brand and you want to look AMAZING right?



To smooth skin and tone down shine.

To emphasize eyes, cheeks, and lips.

To tone down redness, bumps, and blemishes.

To shape and sculpt to minimize or highlight.

To look your absolute best so you can attract your perfect customers.


A few days BEFORE your Photography Session:

  1. Moisturize and exfoliate your skin and lips.  Keep lips hydrated.
  2. Shape or wax brows, tweeze unwanted hair, and for men trim hair around ears and nose.   
  3. Brighten your SMILE by whitening your teeth if you need it.
  4. Mineral makeup and sunscreen can reflect light and make skin look lighter than normal.  Some moisturizers also have sunscreen.  Try to avoid using these products for your photo session if you can.

BEFORE your Photography Session:

  1. After moisturizer apply a makeup primer.  This helps to smooth rough spots, fill scars and help makeup adhere better.
  2. Use Concealer for dark areas, blemishes and eyelids.  Liquid Foundation covers better than powder.  You want to wear more foundation for your shoot than you would normally wear.
  3. Emphasize your Eyes with black or very dark Mascara and Liner.  Extra mascara is great for a photo shoot.  Curl your eyelashes.  Keep liner away from the inner part of lids so your eyes don’t look smaller.  Avoid sparkly eye shadow, lights will make it shimmer even more and actually distract from your eyes.  Fill in gaps in your brows with matching powder and a brush.  Use eye drops if your eyes are red and tired.
  4. Blush or Bronzer can be used to emphasize cheekbones, add shadow under chin, contour nose and forehead.  Put on a little at a time and blend well. 
  5. YOUR SMILE is as important as your eyes!  Lip liner holds in the color and defines your lip shape.  A color that contrasts your skin is best.  Gloss adds a little shape and shimmer, and it can be toned down easily if too shiny.
  6. Lastly, use a powder to seal and keep shine down for a fresh matte finish.


Your photography session is the time to be a perfectionist!   Lights will show all flaws and all details.  I recommend bringing your makeup to your photo session so you can touch it up right before the shoot.  I also offer makeup application at my studio for a small fee.  Having a professional makeup artist is also a great option.

See my blog on what to wear here!

In six seconds you will be judged by your appearance! 


Invest in Your Visual Brand, make a great first impression by wearing makeup for your Professional Business Portrait!


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