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What should I wear for a Professional Portrait?



That statement alone should should be enough for you to have some serious thoughts about what you wear and what you look like on Social Media and in Person!


First consider your career.  Are you working in a business where everyone wears a suit and tie?  Are you a plumber?  Is your career creative?  What do you wear when you meet with a customer?  Wear something that suits your job, job title and that you feel great wearing when meeting a new customer or job interviewer.  If you have a unique look, own it!  By that I mean wear it and wear it loud.  Your Uniqueness will make your Visual Brand stand out!

Second consider color.  When I wear turquoise, I always get compliments about my eyes or how great I look in turquoise.  Think about those times when you get compliments or look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I look great”!  Wear that color, it does look great for a reason!  Usually it makes your skin glow or your eyes look extra bright and you want that for your picture.  This extra glow makes your Visual Brand shine!

Third consider neckline and fit.  Wear something that has a nice fitting neckline that compliments your shape and fits very well.  If you have large arms or shoulders and do not want to emphasize them, cover up with a jacket or a shirt that fits well.  Do not wear clothing that doesn't hang properly or needs constant adjustments to lay nicely.  Do not wear it if it's too tight, too big or has a revealing neckline.  Make sure the outfit is pressed.  A wrinkled outfit or one that doesn't fit well shows that you do not care about your appearance. You want your Visual Brand to compliment you and show you care! I recommend bringing options to the session too, this way we can see what looks just right.

Don't forget about makeup!  See my blog about why you should wear makeup here!

Take all of these factors into consideration, choose carefully and be prepared before you book your photo session.  Your Portrait is the first step in the creation of your Visual Brand and it is a great way to emphasize how Amazing you are!

Look at other professional pictures on LinkedIn and check out my business portrait portfolio on my website to view business portraits for ideas! 



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Stacy Kaat Photography
It is true that photography will bring out the details in everything! Nothing like a bright light to make wrinkles in clothing show along with lint.
Judy O(non-registered)
You're so right about ironing. I thought our clothing was beyond that detail.... but I got back a set of photos and I was so wrong. Thanks for the tip.
judy o haselhoef(non-registered)
I liked that you didn't use a movie star as your sample. You used the lady next door. She looks great and follows your rules.
Stacy Kaat Photography
Hi Maggie,

The most important part of your finished portrait is that your picture should look like you with your personality shining through. That is what makes your Visual Brand attractive and unique. Clothing should compliment you and not take away from you. Some people can wear bright colors well, but most people do not shine above fluorescent colors. I'd avoid fluorescent colors or any color that distracts from your skin and eyes. I love colors that make eye color pop! These colors are different for different people. I hope that helps!
Maggie Mongan(non-registered)
Great insights! Are there any color to avoid?
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