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Get College Smart

Dr. Bob Neuman was the Dean at Marquette University for 25 years and has written a book, "Are You Really Ready for College."   This is a book that any parent, with a high school child that is thinking about going to college, should read.  I've got my order in!  Having spoken with over 12,000 students during his time at Marquette, I would say Dr. Neuman is an expert at helping students prepare to succeed in college and beyond.   I thoroughly enjoyed photographing and chatting with Dr. Neuman and his lovely wife Jude!

On their website,, you'll find a video of Jack Canfield interviewing Dr. Neuman.  This will give you a little insight as far as his experience and what to expect from the book.  Find out more about Dr. Neuman, download his free guide, and order his book on the website!


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