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People EXPRESS Love and experience FEELING Love in different ways!

Have you read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary D. Chapman?

Gary discusses the five different ways of Expressing and Feeling Love.


Words   Time   Gifts   Touch   Service


We feel love when experiencing one or more of the above Love Languages. This Love experience can be from a partner, child, parent or friend.

My Love language is Quality TIME and WORDS. I like all of the others as well, but these two particularly make me feel loved. When my daughter spends Time with me and we converse (Words) is when I feel a special Love exchange with her. I like it when she gives me a gift, a hug, or helps make dinner too, that shows me she cares, but the other two are more important to me and give me the Feeling of being Loved.

What’s so beautiful about “The Five Love Languages” is that it helps you discover what you Need to Feel Loved so that you can ask others to Express it the way you Need it. Ask others about their Love Language too. When you pay attention to the other’s Love Language you can express it to them so they feel loved as well.

When giving this Valentines Day, consider “The Five Love Languages” when making your choices. Would your receiver prefer Words, Time, Gifts, Touch, or Service?  Then FEEL the LOVE coming Back at YOU!


A few ideas for you!

WORDS - A homemade card, handwritten letter or poem.  How about “The Five Love Languages!”

TIME – Movie, tickets to a play, Art Museum, hike, weekend getaway, dinner, cooking together, a photo session of the two of you.

GIFTS – Gift certificate to a favorite store or place they can’t afford to shop at.  Chocolate, beeswax candle, a beautiful hat from “The Hen House” hint hint!

TOUCH – Hugs, kisses, snuggling, massage, be creative here!

SERVICE – Cook a nice meal, give them a day off from their regular chores, take their car to get a wash, help with a project.


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Thank you for your comment Maggie! And I too agree that self-love is very important as part of taking care of ourselves. When we care for ourselves we can serve others too and spread the Love!
Maggie Mongan(non-registered)
Wow! Love is already in the air in January as everyone takes on self-love through extreme self-care. This is a great list for those who are looking to give AND receive love. The one thing I often hear is people don't seem to understand that their preferred language of love may not always the same language as their partners. It's important to remember this and learn to enjoy love in all its expressive forms.
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