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Your Image is your First Impression, Make it Awesome!

Once you have your Story, you have the main element that makes up your Personal Brand.  But the first thing people will see is the image of you!  Whether in person or on the web, people seek out who it is they are considering working with. This first impression is the most important element of your Personal Brand. Why? If you want to Captivate your viewer and make them want to know you better, your First Impression Better be a Great One!  

On Social Media, if you don’t have a photograph of yourself people either think you don’t exist or you don’t care. Poor lighting, out of focus, eyes that are barely visible, or you half naked at the beach are good examples of a damaging First Impression. People do remember negative images too.

Wouldn’t you rather Stand Out in your Brand of Awesomeness with a Great First Impression that would Attract people to you and make them want to know more?


How do you create this Awesome Image of yourself? 

  • Hire a professional photographer that specializes in Personal Branding.
  • Look at their portfolio to see if you like their work.
  • Meet with the Photographer and make sure you feel comfortable with him or her.


In the photograph above of Zak Mazur, a copywriter, we used a library as our location. When composing and lighting we wanted to emphasis the red books surrounding Zak and the red pen to draw attention to the paper he is about to write on. He dressed in his style and wore colors that wouldn’t compete with the red. The lines in the photograph as well as colors worked to draw attention not only to Zak, but what he does too! Since Zak and I had met before and took the time to get to know one another, we had established a comfort level that allowed Zak to relax during his shoot. Because Zak was relaxed his personality shines through creating his Personal Brand Image. He looks warm, smart and inviting, adding to his Awesomeness and Attracting the viewer to want to know more! 


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Stacy Kaat Photography
Thank you for your comments Melissa and Maggie. Details are important in helping your viewer get to know you and what you are all about!
Melissa Mortensen(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing this information! I think it is good to know how little details can effect the overall feeling of the picture.
Maggie Mongan(non-registered)
Thumbs up on this one. I agree with your assessment! Great photo. I feel as if I already know Zak!
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