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You are the Face of your Business Brand. Invest in your Brand!

I often receive calls from people that go something like this. “I got your name from Tom Jones.  How much do you charge for a headshot?” I can’t answer that question, so I answer their question with a bunch of questions. I know, some people despise that. But, I need to know more in order to be capable of understanding and providing what the customer really needs.

I ask questions like these: Where will the headshot be used? What business are you in? Do you have a website? Do you use social media? Do you have other marketing materials this headshot would be used in? Do you have a need for other photographs?

When people start to answer the questions, the ideas start to flow. Soon we both have ideas and we come to some logical conclusion of what is to be done. Once we know what it is that we are doing and where we are doing it, I can give a quote for the headshot.

Business portraits are an investment in your business. Take the time to think about where you’ll use your headshot, what your values are, and what you want your Brand to say. Your picture should express who you are (your values) and what you do in your own unique way. A beautifully expressed Branded headshot will help you to stand out I the marketplace and draw your target market to you.

Remember: You are the Face of your Business Brand.

What are you waiting for?

Invest in your Brand - Stand-out and be Memorable to your Target Market!


Stay tuned for more blogs on how to Build your Brand, Captivate and Attract your Target Customer, and Increase Profitability!


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