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Not Funny, but I find myself laughing when I look at some of the headshots on LinkedIn. Why? Because some people look nothing like the person I know. I have a friend, I’m sure you do too, that used a photograph that was at least 20 years old. I know this friend well enough to say something, so I did.


“Paul, your LinkedIn picture looks outdated, it doesn’t look like you, it doesn’t represent you, or give a good impression of you. I think you need an updated Business Headshot to boost your Credibility and show how Awesome you are.” He replied that he had had new pictures taken, but never liked any of them enough to add to his LinkedIn profile. We discussed the importance of Credibility and how he needed to be photographed the way he looks now, adding his Personality into the photographs, so customers would immediately recognize him as the Paul they know, like and trust.


People get confused when they see you on LinkedIn, then meet you in person and see a completely different person. Not only did Paul’s photograph not look like him, it sent a message that he didn’t care enough to update his photograph. Maybe Paul is not credible and doesn’t stay updated and current in his business as well.  Not a good message to send to potential customers. And I knew this wasn't true for Paul!


Paul needed to hear me say this. The conversation stuck with him and within a week I had him in the studio for a new headshot. In his case, he really wanted a traditional portrait that his customers could relate to. They would see the real Paul, the Paul they know, like and trust, not that other guy that didn’t look like him. His new portrait show’s his Credibility and Personality, part of what really makes Paul the Awesome Relationship-oriented person he is. This alone, will drive more people to look at his LinkedIn profile and want to know more about him and what he does.


Remember: A great Business Headshot is the first step in creating your Brand of Awesomeness that will Attract customers to you!


Don’t be one of those people who get’s laughed at!

What are you waiting for?


Invest in your Brand - Stand-out and be Memorable to your Target Market!


Stay tuned for more blogs on how to Build your Brand, Captivate and Attract your Target Customer, and Increase Profitability!


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