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Are you just like everybody else?


People want to work with People! Why do I want to work with you? There are thousands of people that do what you do! What makes you special in your business? How do you do what you do that makes you unique? What is going to draw me to use your services over someone else’s?

Are you just like everybody else? Of course you aren’t! 


You have got to Differentiate yourself!


A traditional headshot is not enough anymore. In order to compete in the crowded marketplace and be remembered you need to Stand-out to be noticed.


When you realize your Awesomeness, you can then begin to Express yourself in your Brand! When you Express Your Brand Visually, you tell people who you are and what you do in your own unique way. This is what differentiates you and makes you Memorable. When you become Memorable to your target market, they will think of you first when they need your service or product.


Differentiating yourself and creating your Brand is so exciting! It used to be that big business’s with a big budget would hire an Advertising Agency to Brand them. Now with the Internet, any modern business can and should be capable of Branding themselves, with some help, but without a big budget. It’s a matter of making yourself Memorable and then putting yourself out there to be seen!


REMEMBER: There are thousands of people that do what you do.

People buy from People. They want to know who you are!

You have got to differentiate yourself!


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This is a great article about the importance of differentiating yourself in the marketplace from all others who appear like you- even though there is no such thing! Great post to help understand the importance of showing just how unique you are!
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