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It takes less than 6 seconds to form an opinion about you based on what people see when they find you online!
Those few seconds of judgment should scare you! 
Instead of being scared, hire the right people to help you create a Personal Brand that showcases your best self in an attractive package. Consciously creating your Personal Brand is the Key to successfully attracting the Right people to you.

People want to know, like, and trust you before they will hire you, work with you, or even go on a date with you!
My 20 plus years of expertise working in the commercial photography world kept me on top of every factor of the shoot from lighting people and the environment, to the details of clothing, makeup, hair, and managing the visual clutter that was often present in an environment. The commercial photographers I worked with demanded that I oversee and manage the shoot so they could focus on photography. They expected me to make the clients comfortable so they would feel confident and express that in the photographs as well. I learned how to do all of that and make the photo shoot fun too!
The past 3 years I immersed myself in personal branding. I read books and articles to learn how to create a personal brand that I could use as an effective tool to sell myself and my photography services. I wanted people to know that I wasn't just another photographer and that I created pictures that were more than mere snapshots. They also had to know that working with me is FUN!
A Simple Key to Success - Your Personal Brand!
Photographers are a dime a dozen and Personal Branding gave me the tools to express how different I was from other photographers. Getting what is in my head out in messaging and visuals (my Personal Brand) is the key to my success as a photographer today. My Personal Brand helps me attract more customers! As I grow and develop professionally my Personal Brand evolves to keep up with me.
My passion for Personal Branding attracted the attention of Lori Highby, owner of Keystone Click, a digital marketing agency. Lori was in the process of creating her Personal Brand and hired me to do photography for her personal site Lori Highby her podcasting site Social Capital and her business site Keystone Click.
Min Latus was also working with Lori on creating her brand elements for her new websites. Min helped Lori with color and font choices and had shared Lori's overall vision for the projects. The combination of Lori’s expertise in digital marketing and SEO, Min’s vision, and my photography set the stage for the three of us to begin the creation of Personal Branding Simplified Workshop. We knew we could use our expertise to help others create their Personal Brand to successfully communicating their differentiation and become recognized in their field.
Where to begin creating your Personal Brand?
  1. The first step in creating an authentic online image and Personal Brand is to hire a photographer who understands what makes an effective headshot, knows how to make you look your best, and helps you to express your personality in pictures.
  2. Next hire practicing experts to help you choose your colors, fonts, and messaging. These experts will wrap-up your personality and value in a visually appealing package that will create a powerhouse of attraction for you and your business or career.
  3. Hire a digital marketing expert to help get your Personal Brand Visible to the public through your website, blog, content marketing and more.
We want you to be Recognized!
Lori and I continually experience the benefits of our Personal Brand and we want you to experience our success and become known in your field of expertise. We can provide the tools and guidance to help you be seen, recognized, and attract the Right people too! You deserve it!
Sign up for our complimentary short video series "Personal Branding Simplified"  and get a jump start on your competition today!
Building YOUR Business Personality with Confidence
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