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Attract the right people and grow your business with photography and personal branding services at my professional photo studio in Milwaukee.

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What if your pictures showcased your personality and highlighted what makes your business unique? What if people could get excited about working with you before they meet you? The right business pictures help attract like-minded people that need your products or services, so you never feel like you have to sell to them.



What if you could grow your audience and attract the right customers? You'll get the tools you need to create a personal brand that reflects your personality! With your choice of do-it-yourself courses or 1-on-1 coaching, you'll learn successful strategies to put you and your business in front of the right people.

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Hi, I'm Stacy Kaat!

Whether you are a new Entrepreneur or an established Small Business, it gives me great pleasure to serve you on your journey to Success! 

As a Small Business Owner myself, I understand the fear of creating the wrong professional image. You want to send the right message, but you may not be sure exactly what that looks like. I can help you create photographs that connect with and attract your best customers! We can work at my professional photography studio in Milwaukee or choose a location that supports your vision. Let's talk to see if we are a good fit to collaborate.
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WOW! What a fantastic experience I had working with Stacy Kaat.


Her approach is professional, yet fun. She did a great job of learning the objectives I had to ensure the photos were in alignment with my personal branding mission. While in her studio, Stacy was very much on top of making sure that I was comfortable and was patient with me when I needed to take a break or rethink my outfit. An unexpected, yet satisfying result of this experience is that I felt my confidence was improved while working with Stacy.

~ Lori Highby


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Looking for professional photography services? Professional business headshots, portraits, and personal branding for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

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