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Let's create a headshot that gets people excited to meet you!

Professional Headshots take place at my Milwaukee studio or at your location in Milwaukee & Chicago. 
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What does your headshot say about you? Does it convey your confidence and express your personality? Together we'll capture your magic, so you can introduce yourself to the world with confidence that attracts people to you and opens the door to opportunities.

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Does your team reflect the confidence your customers need to see? Do they have headshots they love and that are consistent with your company brand? We'll carefully plan your on-site shoot with an ambiance that can be replicated in the studio whenever a new hire joins your group.  

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These photos are absolutely stunning...

" are so AMAZING!!! We simply cannot thank you enough for doing such a gorgeous job on these for our VIPs! ❤️ THANK YOU!"

~ Lisa Pilarski, Metro Eye

Professional Headshot Photographer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you are looking for a professional headshot photographer in Milwaukee or Chicago, you've come to the right place. Individual, team, and corporate headshots take place at my Milwaukee photography studio or at the location of your choice in Milwaukee & Chicago areas. 

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Anxious about Getting your Professional Headshot?

It doesn’t have to Be Stressful

As an experienced headshot photographer, I understand that getting photographed is a stressful experience for many people. 

Maybe you’ve had a headshot before that didn’t look natural or you didn’t feel that you looked like yourself. 

This collaborative experience will help you get the look you want!

Feel comfortable in front of the camera

When it comes to hiring a professional headshot photographer, you need to find someone who makes you feel comfortable so you can be yourself. 

If you are nervous in front of the camera, you won’t get an authentic picture of yourself. 

I focus on helping my clients relax and feel comfortable so they can be themselves in front of a camera.


Look your best

A professional headshot session at my photo studio in Milwaukee is not like other experiences you've had before. 

I guide you on how to position your body and head for the most flattering look. With the laid-back environment, you'll relax and have fun, so we can bring out a variety of expressions and let your personality shine through!

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